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eLearning Design for K-12

Take your classroom to the next level. Make it online and interactive!

A Row of Happy Students with Laptops, with Hands in the Air 

Rio Salado College now offers an eLearning Design Specialist program for K-12 teachers interested in working with students online.

Completion of 30 credit hours of the following ELN courses will satisfy the Arizona Department of Education requirement for a Computer Science endorsement. Both ELN112 and ELN113 must be included and applied toward the 30 credit hours.

You will learn how to custom design and deliver online content for your classroom, such as:

  • Courses
  • Educational technology
  • Learner engagement
  • Online assessments
  • Mobile learning & Web 2.0

Note:  There is no application required to take these courses.

Courses Specific to K-12 Teachers:  All classes are 8-weeks!

Course # Class Title Credits
ELN100 Foundations of eLearning Design for K-12 3
ELN103 K-12 eLearning Technology and Media 3
ELN105 Classroom Management in K-12 eLearning 3
ELN106 Discipline and Behavior in K-12 eLearning 3
ELN107 Parent Communication and Involvement in K-12 eLearning 3
ELN108 Legal Issues in K-12 eLearning 3
ELN109 Engaging K-12 eLearners 3
ELN111 K-12 eLearning Environments 3
ELN112 Methods of Building and Facilitating eLearning for 9-12 Learners 3
ELN113 Methods of Building and Facilitating eLearning for K-8 3
ELN121 Evaluating K-12 eLearning 3
ELN122 K-12 eLearning Assessment Creation 3

For additional Information about the program, please contact:

Dr. Jennifer Gresko, Faculty Chair, Educator Preparation & eLearning Design

eLearning Design