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Math Practice Placement

If you are thinking about enrolling in an entry level mathematics course at Rio Salado, then you will very likely need to complete a placement test to determine your initial placement. The actual placement test, called Accuplacer, has three distinct levels: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Algebra. Depending on your math background and the course you need for your degree, program or personal goal, you can choose the test that is most appropriate.

We know that tests – even placement tests – can be unsettling for students, so we have created this separate site that you can access to practice the content that is generally covered by the Accuplacer tests.

Under Study Materials to the right find several links to review items that will help you better prepare for the Placement Test. These review items provide no guarantee as far as predicting your score on the actual placement tests, but will give you a very good idea of the range of content you can expect to see and allow you to prepare accordingly. is a free resource of lessons to help you review those concepts you may have forgotten. Their research has shown that 12 hours of review in has significantly increased students placement test scores. If you wish to keep track of the progress you've made, you can create an account, for free.

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Prepare-for-ACCUPLACER is the place to find everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Accuplacer – except the exams’ answers! On the site is a list of the different Accuplacer tests available, study materials and Frequently Asked Questions, and the like.

Preparation Sample is a link to the College Board’s Accuplacer Sample Questions. The Math questions begin on page 8.

Math Videos & Tutorials is a link to the Rio Salado Library's resource page including links to Mathispower4u and Khan Academy.

Additional Practice Items contains three practice tests, one for each level of Accuplacer. They can be taken as many times as you would like to take them. Click the link for additional information.

Placement Testing